Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has come out in favor of legalizing gay marriage, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Quinn, who last year strongly backed efforts to approve a civil unions bill and signed it into law, in February told the AP that the wanted to study the issues surrounding a gay marriage measure introduced by openly gay representatives Greg Harris, Deb Mell and Kelly Cassidy. Later he said he looked “forward to working with the advocates on this issue to build a majority.”

On Thursday, a day after President Barack Obama made his endorsement for the institution, a Quinn spokeswoman left little doubt of the governor's support.

“Gov. Quinn joins with President Obama in supporting marriage equality and looks forward to working on this issue in the future with the General Assembly,” Quinn spokeswoman Mica Matsoff told the paper.

Lawmakers are unlikely to act on the marriage bill before heading home on May 31.

Bernard Cherkasov, chief executive officer of gay rights advocate Equality Illinois, said the effect of Obama's endorsement was “largely psychological.”

“It levels the playing field for our community to say we have, at every level of public service, people who support marriage equality. But even the president himself recognized that this has to be done state by state.”