Singer Clay Aiken has criticized Bristol Palin for knocking President Obama's support for gay marriage.

In a blog post, titled Hail to the Chiefs – Malia and Sasha Obama, Palin lashed out at the president for supposedly letting his daughters influence his views on the subject.

The single mother wrote: “While it's great to listen to your kids' ideas, there's also a time when dads simply need to be dads. In this case, it would've been helpful for him to explain to Malia and Sasha that while her friends parents are no do

ubt lovely people, that's not a reason to change thousands of years of thinking about marriage. Or that – as great as her friends may be – we know that in general kids do better growing in a mother/father home. Ideally, fathers help shape their kids' worldview.”

“In this case, it would've been nice if the President would've been an actual leader and helped shape their thoughts instead of merely reflecting what many teenagers think after one too many episodes of Glee.”

Appearing Friday on cabler HLN's Showbiz Tonight, Aiken, who is currently competing on Celebrity Apprentice, suggested Palin wasn't qualified to be a spokesperson for marriage.

“I hardly think Bristol Palin is the person to be a spokesperson for parenting and marriage,” he said with a laugh. “And so I don't really have too much a response to her.”

“Same-sex marriage only affects LGBT individuals. … Bristol Palin is not affected by whether or not I want to get married to someone.”

“I completely understand President Obama's position and how he evolved on it because he didn't want to have to explain to his kids that certain people aren't afforded the same rights as everybody else,” he later added.