A lesbian was arrested Thursday in Winston-Salem for protesting North Carolina's gay marriage ban, Amendment One.

Mary Jamis, 52, of Mocksville refused to leave a government office after she was denied a marriage license with her partner. Jamis and Mary Lea Bradford, a gay rights ally, were carted away after they blocked the entrance to the marriage license office and refused to leave.

The act of civil disobedience was part of the Campaign for Southern Equality's We Do campaign.

The event included nine gay and lesbian couples who each requested a marriage license but were refused because North Carolina law prohibits gay couples from marrying. Amendment One, which was approved by voters on Tuesday, strengthens the law by defining marriage as a heterosexual union in the North Carolina Constitution.

“We cannot issue you a marriage license because it is not allowed under North Carolina law,” Brent Morin, 36, and his partner Gerald Morin, 42, of Winston-Salem were told when they presented their completed forms.

The women were charged with second-degree trespassing and released on their own recognizance, the AP reported.

We Do first launched last October in Asheville, considered one of North Carolina's most progressive cities. During that protest, 20 gay couples requested marriage licenses and two women who refused to leave were carted away in handcuffs and charged with second-degree trespassing.