MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has predicted that President Obama's Wednesday endorsement of gay marriage will lead to its inclusion in the Democratic Party platform.

Appearing on NBC's Today show, Maddow said the announcement most likely would pave the way for marriage equality to be included in this year's platform.

“I think there's a very good chance it will be part of the platform for the Democratic Party. I think the prospect that that was going to be some sort of divisive fight or something they really wanted to avoid is now over. Because of yesterday's announcement it will be in the party platform.”

Maddow, the host of The Rachel Maddow Show, said that gay people such as herself have really practical feelings about marriage equality.

“This is about our lives. This is about our families. This is about whether or not we are hurt by policy made in the public arena. And so the symbolic value is important and does mean a lot to us, but mostly we want practical policies that help us.”

The president's endorsement “was an act of political bravery because there is no clear way to say that this is going to help him politically,” she said.

“This was something that the president did I think as a matter of conscience. And I think … we're in a chips-fall-where-they-may moment,” Maddow added.

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