Gay GOP group Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) has labeled the timing of President Obama's announcement in support of gay marriage “offensive.”

Obama on Wednesday told ABC News' Robin Roberts: “I've concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married.”

The announcement comes a day after North Carolina approved Amendment One, which bans marriage, civil unions and possibly domestic partnerships for gay and lesbian couples.

R. Clarke Cooper, president of LCR, dismissed Obama's endorsement as political calculus.

“That the president has chosen today, when LGBT Americans are mourning the passage of Amendment One, to finally speak up for marriage equality is offensive and callous,” Cooper said. “Log Cabin Republicans appreciate that President Obama has finally come in line with leaders like Vice President Dick Cheney on this issue, but LGBT Americans are right to be angry that this calculated announcement comes too late to be of any use to the people of North Carolina, or any of the other states that have addressed this issue on his watch. This administration has manipulated LGBT families for political gain as much as anybody, and after his campaign’s ridiculous contortions to deny support for marriage equality this week he does not deserve praise for an announcement that comes a day late and a dollar short.”

Meanwhile, conservative network Fox News reported Obama's announcement with the headline: “Obama Flip Flops, Declares War On Marriage.”