President Barack Obama is prepping for an interview with ABC which might include questions on his stance on gay marriage.

The New York Times reported that Obama will sit down with Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts for a wide-ranging interview at 1:30PM on Wednesday.

The paper noted that the interview was hastily arranged and speculated that the issue might be broached.

White House officials have been fielding a rash of question on the president's stance since Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday said he was “comfortable” with gay and lesbian couples marrying. Biden's remarks were followed by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on Monday saying he favors marriage equality. Obama's secretary of housing, Shaun Donovan, has previously stated that passage of a gay marriage law in New York made him “proud” to be a New Yorker.

Press Secretary Jay Carney has also fielded dozens of questions about where the president stands on the issue. Carney told reporters that Obama would likely discuss his position during an interview.

Obama has said he supports civil unions and is “evolving” on marriage for gay couples. He has also spoken out against federal and state-level measures which define marriage as a heterosexual union.