Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Patrick Harris, Wanda Sykes and Evan Rachel Wood were among the celebrities tweeting against passage of North Carolina's gay marriage ban, Amendment One.

Voters in the state approved the measure on Tuesday.

“Getting married was one of the greatest things I have ever done,” Ellen DeGeneres messaged her more than 11 million followers. “I hope everyone in North Carolina gets the same opportunity someday.”

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson wrote: “This is an interesting fact I just learned: First cousins can marry in North Carolina. (Unless they are the same sex, I assume).”

“To my NC LGBT families, I know how you're feeling, went thru it w/Prop 8. 2nd class citizenship is not acceptable. Equality 4 all. LoveU,” tweeted comedian Wanda Sykes.

Meghan McCain added: “I just don't understand why in America some citizens still don't have the same freedom and choices as others because they are a minority?”

“Oh North Carolina – the disappointment we feel now is nothing compared to the bewilderment & shame your children will feel,” Mia Farrow messaged.

Evan Rachel Wood, who grew up in Raleigh, wrote: “Just bent over on set and cried over this outcome. I hope my children see a more peaceful and tolerant world. I hope we will be heard.”

“Unbelievable,” messaged Neil Patrick Harris.