Freedom to Marry Ohio on Saturday kicked off an effort to gather the 385,245 signatures needed to put the state's gay marriage ban up for a vote next fall.

The group's Court the Vote campaign will collect signatures at a different county courthouse from noon to 2PM each Saturday. The group said it picked Athens as its stop for symbolic reasons.

“We chose Athens as our first stop because it was the only county in 2004 where a majority of voters rejected [Ohio's] so-called Defense of Marriage Act,” the group said.

Former Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy, the CEO of Freedom to Marry Ohio, added, “[W]e know there are thousands of people who support the freedom to marry and religious freedom amendment and we want to make it easy for them to find a petition to sign.”

The group added that it has over 1,500 volunteers collecting signatures everyday throughout the state.

If approved next year, the amendment would repeal the state's ban and legalize gay marriage in the Buckeye State.

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