Steve Henion, a former GOP candidate for the North Carolina House, raised the ire of gay rights supporters when he sent a mocking tweet of a lesbian couple's wedding photo.

“why won't anti #marriage #amendment1 folks show pictures like this in their material?” he messaged in support of Amendment One, which would ban marriage and civil unions for gay couples, to his 453 followers along with a link to a photo of a lesbian couple on their wedding day.

The message was flagged by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest gay rights advocate.

“Tweet Henion now and answer his question – why not display photos of loving couples who are proud of the public commitment they've just made to one another?” the group messaged their more than 118,000 followers.

Henion, a businessman who in 2010 attempted to unseat Democratic state Rep. Grier Martin, responded on Thursday by calling the group “flee bags” with “very few followers wanting 2 project being large group.”

“so very easy to get intolerant #LGBT angry just disagree,” Henion messaged.