Jon Stewart has taken a swipe at Christian conservative Bryan Fischer's reaction to Mitt Romney hiring an openly gay spokesman, Richard Grenell.

On Tuesday, Grenell stepped down from his post as Fischer lobbed attacks against Romney for hiring a gay man.

Stewart hit back at Fischer on his Comedy Central newscast The Daily Show.

“Now that Rominee has weathered the primaries, it's time for the great 'Pivot to the Center,'” Stewart told his audience on Wednesday.

“That's quite a pivot. Hiring a guy who believes in everything you believe and likes everything you like except boobs.”

“The guy's gay, who cares?” Stewart rhetorically asked, before playing a clip of Fischer condemning Romney's move, and then, paraphrasing Fischer's thoughts, added: “Yeah you can't appoint a gay guy. He threatens our very right to hate people for being gay. It's not right.”

“In case you're wondering why he looks so blurry, it's because his opinions are being broadcast from 50 years ago.”

On Fischer's triumph in pressuring Grenell to resign, Stewart joked: “In years to come you can all sit around and tell the grandkids about the day you got that gay guy fired.” (Watch the entire segment at