Governors Chris Gregoire of Washington and Martin O'Malley of Maryland on Friday reiterated their support for gay marriage.

Gregoire signed a bill legalizing gay nuptials in Washington state on February 13, while O'Malley signed a similar measure on March 1.

However, opponents in both states have vowed to put both laws up for public votes this fall.

At a reception held at the Washington DC headquarters of gay rights advocate Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which played a key role in helping pass the measures in both states, both governors reiterated their commitment to marriage equality.

Gregoire described signing the legislation as “one of the proudest times I have ever served.”

O'Malley said: “There are very few things that I have done in the course of my service as Governor of Maryland that have made me quite as happy and satisfied, and gratified for the honor to serve, as winning this battle with all you in our legislature.”

Also in attendance were HRC's current president, Joe Solmonese, and his successor, Chad Griffin.