The New York Times on Monday came out against Amendment One, North Carolina's proposed gay marriage ban.

The paper chided Republicans for their gung-ho approach to putting the measure up for a public vote on May 8.

“In their zeal, lawmakers got careless with the wording of the measure, known as Amendment One,” the paper's editorial board opined. “It would constitutionally prohibit recognition not just of same-sex marriages, but of other legal arrangements like civil unions and domestic partnerships. That could harm all unmarried couples, imperiling some children's health insurance benefits, along with child custody arrangements and safeguards against domestic violence.”

“Opponents of marriage equality have never been able to show any evidence that any harm is caused to heterosexual marriages by granting all American adults the right to marry as they choose – because there is no such evidence.”

“With little more than a week to go before the May 8 contest, and early voting under way, North Carolinians need to consider whether they really want to inflict this gratuitous bigotry on their fellow citizens and their children.”

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