President Barack Obama has been accused of advancing the “radical homosexual agenda” by Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp, media watchdog reported.

Huelskamp appeared on Today's Issues with Tony Perkins, president of the Christian conservative Family Research Council (FRC), to promote his Military Religious Freedom Protection Act, which would forbid gay troops from marrying on military bases and would allow chaplains to refuse to officiate over such unions.

During the radio broadcast, Huelskamp accused Obama of launching a “shocking violation of religious liberty” as part of his “administration's push for the radical homosexual agenda.”

“We have forty-seven cosponsors in the House including some leading members of the Armed Services Committee and we're having a lot of great support also as well. We continue to hear, and this is the scariest thing, we hear from chaplains all across the country and even military bases elsewhere around the world that the administration's push for the radical homosexual agenda goes all the way down to having to get approval for their sermon notes, having to have man's approval for things they're going to preach. I mean the idea that we're going to not allow chaplains to disagree with the President of the United States and his administration is a shocking violation of religious liberty,” he said.