After laughing at Jimmy Kimmel's poke at Marcus Bachmann's sexuality, CNN host Don Lemon was called out to explain his laughter.

Kimmel, the host of ABC's late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, poked fun at celebrities, politicians and the president as the featured comedian at this year's White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in Washington, D.C.

In one joke, Kimmel let loose on Marcus Bachmann, the husband of Minnesota Congresswoman and former GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. The Bachmanns own two clinics in Minnesota which allegedly attempt to “cure” gay people of their sexuality.

After joking that ousted Current TV host Keith Olbermann had received “more pink slips than Marcus Bachmann,” Kimmel looked into the audience and asked Mr. Bachmann to stand up, at which point actor Eric Stonestreet, who plays gay on Modern Family, stood up and waved to the audience.

Lemon and contributor LZ Granderson got called out for laughing at the joke by contributor Will Cain.

“I'm genuinely curious here. If, as the joke suggests, Marcus Bachmann is gay, but he hasn't come to grips with himself, now I'm asking two guys who have been through this process – honestly, I'm honestly curious – why is it okay to make fun of him, then? Is it just because of his politics or because he's a public figure? I'm really curious. Why is it okay?” Cain asked.

Granderson replied: “You know what, Don and I have been friends for years, but, you know, I wasn't around Don as a teenager, so I don't know if he tried to convert gay people or not. But it just seems funny that when you are having flamboyant mannerisms and your livelihood is converting, you know, gay men to being straight, it's just funny. It's funny man. I don't even care what his politics happen to be. It's just kind of a funny thing when you juxtapose the two images.” (Watch the segment at