Jesse Tyler Ferguson, a co-star of the ABC comedy Modern Family, has said he would legalize gay marriage if he were president.

At Saturday night's The Hollywood Reporter/Google pre-party to the White House Correspondent's Dinner, Ferguson was asked what law he would pass if he was president for 10 minutes.

“Marriage equality,” the TV star answered with a wide grin.

Ferguson, who portrays Mitchell Pritchett, a gay lawyer who is raising an adopted daughter with his partner, said the sitcom was raising awareness about the issue.

“I think it is informing people in a different way,” he said. “I think they're seeing Cameron and Mitchell in a light and sort of thinking, you know, okay, I'm not feeling quite so strange about them being together. Why is it so different for Bob and Joe down the street?”

He added that he had his “fingers crossed” about meeting First Lady Michelle Obama. (Watch entire interview at The Hollywood Reporter.)