A Roman Catholic school in Michigan has rescinded its invitation to a graduation speaker after finding out he is gay.

Dominic Sheahan-Stahl told The Huffington Post that the Sacred Heart Academy invited him to give the keynote address at the high school's May 20 graduation, at which his youngest brother will be graduating. Sheahan-Stahl, who graduated from the school in 1998, said the school's principal, Denny Starnes, informed his mother that he would not be allowed to speak at graduation because he's gay.

Starnes learned about about Sheahan-Stahl's sexual orientation from a Facebook post announcing his engagement to his partner Nathan.

“My mother kept asking why and what does his sexual orientation have to do with giving a graduation speech,” he said. “She cried and didn't sleep at all that night. My poor brother, whose graduation it is, couldn't even be in the room when my mom had to tell me. Even my sister cried herself to sleep that night.”

“My mom has always taught us to love unconditionally,” Sheahan-Stahl added. “I am lucky that at 32 this is the first time I've truly been discriminated against, but some kids go through this day in and day out. I want those kids to know that they are loved and that the world needs what they have to give.”

In a video posted online, Sheahan-Stahl called the incident “shocking.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

A Facebook page titled Let Dominic Speak has attracted more than 4,300 fans in less than one day.