A photo censoring a kiss between the Glee characters played by Darren Criss and Chris Colfer is being used to promote a post in which gay people are described as “pigs,” media watchdog RightWingWatch.org reported.

Peter LaBarbara, who helms Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, captions the picture, “This photo of the infamous, extended homosexual kiss on the Fox program Glee is blocked for decency's sake,” before promoting an article by Pass of the Salt Ministries' Coach Dave Daubenmire.

In the piece, Daubenmire applauds the work of Mike Heath and Paul Madore of the nascent group No Special Rights Pac, which the pair formed to oppose passage of a gay marriage law at the ballot box in Maine.

“Madore is Rocky Balboa. Heath is his trainer Mickey,” Daubenmire wrote. “Together, these defenders of the Faith are going to take sodomy head-on.”

“Rev. Mike Heath and 'Mr. Maine' Paul Madore are taking the gloves off. They are putting the pictures on mobile trucks and are taking the truth of sodomy to every city, every school, and every home in Maine.”

“Oh, how the pigs will squeal. The sodomites will cry 'hate' as if the truth of a picture can be hateful. The Christians in pretty suits will cry 'mean' as if being nice ever won a war.”

The picture Daubenmire refers to is a homecoming kiss between Marine Sargent Brandon Morgan and his partner Dalan Wells, which was taken on the tarmac as Morgan returned home from a six-month deployment in Afghanistan.