A gay Navy veteran on Tuesday surprised his Marine boyfriend with a marriage proposal as he returned home from Afghanistan.

According to LGBT Weekly, the proposal is believed to be the first to take place on a military base.

San Diego resident Cory Huston, who was drummed out of the Navy for violating “Don't Ask, Don't Tell,” greeted his homecoming boyfriend, Avarice Guerrero, at Camp Pendleton with a hug and a proposal.

“This is a huge step for me,” Huston told the paper.

When Guerrero finally arrived, the couple who had been separated by a 10-month deployment hugged and kissed.

“Huston went anxiously down on one knee; looked up at Guerrero, who was dressed from head to toe in military fatigues, and produced an engagement ring and the time-honored phrase, 'Will you marry me?'" the paper reported.

“Yes,” Guerrero answered.

“I was blown away,” Guerrero said. “I was shocked that after all we'd been through, he would honestly want to spend the rest of his life with someone like me.”