Jay Bakker, the son of televangelists Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye Bakker Messner, on Sunday led a rally against a proposed gay marriage ban in North Carolina.

Voters will decide on Amendment One during North Carolina's May 8 primary. The constitutional amendment would bar the state from recognizing the relationships of gay and lesbian couples with marriage, civil unions and possibly domestic partnerships.

Roughly 100 people turned out at the Faith in Action: Get Out The Vote rally in Durham to hear Bakker and other religious leaders speak.

“My parents taught me to love people across the board and always be open to people,” Baker told NBC affiliate WNCT. “They were always into equality and reaching out to the marginalized and things like that.”

Bakker lives in New York and is a co-founder of Revolution Church.

“I ignored all these amendments being passed and passed until it hit my hometown and I was like. … When I heard about it, I called down here and offered help.”

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