The entire editorial staff of gay glossy Out has been pink slipped with a severance package of one month as of Friday.

According to, Out content will be outsourced, or possibly insourced.

Editor-in-chief Aaron Hicklin said he would hire back an unspecified number of editors to work at his startup, Grand Editorial, which is taking over the operations at Out.

“This was not a cost-cutting measure,” Hicklin told the site.

Editors who decide to take Hicklin up on his offer will board Grand Editorial as freelancers, giving up their full-time salaries and benefits.

Out, which was acquired in 2008 by Here Media, sister company of Regent Entertainment, is Hicklin's first corporate client for his content shop.

On the new venture, Hicklin said: “I felt I was at a place where I had enough experience and relationships to parlay that into an agency that would provide a sort of editorial consultancy and content for other titles and corporate clients.”

“For lots of publications, midsize publications especially, I think it makes sense to be a little more innovative in thinking about how they find ways to continue creating high-quality content while being mindful of the huge transition the media is going through.”

A Here Media spokesman said the company was “confident that the model we're utilizing will offer us the best opportunities to remain competitive.”

Currently, gay glossy The Advocate, another Here Media property, is bundled along with Out.