Darren Criss, who plays gay student Blaine on the Fox musical-comedy Glee, has suggested that his onscreen romance with Kurt (Chris Colfer) won't necessarily end with graduation.

Speaking to TV Guide, Criss said the show's plans to graduate some original cast members, including Kurt, should not be seen as a final farewell.

“This goes back to the beginning of the season where everyone was in a huff about people graduating and leaving, but I don't think it's a matter of saying goodbye so much as it is about moving on,” Criss said. “It's about having a departure point and having grown into another person from the person you were when you started high school.”

Criss added that Glee creator Ryan Murphy “is a big believer in the idea that high school is a machine where you come in as one person and you exit another.”

“This last season is more about growing and learning new things and being a new person and bringing that to the next step in your life. I don't think it's a hard-fact farewell per se as it is a cathartic change and the beginning of a new chapter.”

Speaking directly about the onscreen relationship between Blaine and Kurt, Criss said the show was preparing to address their future together: “That's coming up for sure.”

“Those are the biggest stakes for Kurt and Blaine and that's something they're about to learn to deal with,” he said, then added that he has “no idea” what's in store for the couple except that “it's going to involve music.”