Televangelist Pat Robertson on Tuesday advised a woman to use the Bible to reverse her daughter's “homosexual behavior,” media watchdog reported.

Robertson gave his advise during a The 700 Club segment in which he answered viewers' questions.

Co-host Terry Meeuwsen read the viewer's question.

“This is Geraldine, who says, 'I recently walked in on my 14-year-old daughter engaged in unsavory acts with her female friend. How should I go about reverting her homosexual behavior?'”

“She's 14, she doesn't know what her sexuality is, she wants to feel loved and the girlfriend is there in the room,” Robertson answered.

Meeuwsen added: “And the culture today, see the culture today is telling kids just to experiment, figure out what you like, what you want, it's just a decision.”

“She's 14 and she doesn't know,” Robertson said. “How do you revert? What I think she should do is to say, 'I don't think you can see Susie anymore,' whatever it is, and you got to explain to her what the Bible says. It's unlikely at that age that she has homosexual tendencies, I think she just wants to experiment with sex and love and that kind of stuff.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

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