Mitt Romney is being called on by social conservatives to appropriate Rick Santorum's message.

At least three prominent conservatives are urging Romney to shift further to the right if he expects to win their support after Santorum bowed out of the race.

“I think, first off, if Mitt Romney wants to capture some of that support that Rick Santorum gained with very little money based solely upon his message, then Mitt Romney needs to pick up that message,” Tony Perkins, president of the Christian conservative Family Research Council, a group opposed to gay rights, said on CNN.

“The only reason there was an alignment with Rick Santorum from our constituency is because Rick embraced the ideas, the policies and the principles that our organization and our constituency believes in and so to the degree that one candidate or another aligns with that, they're going to find support. If they don't, they're not going to get the unbridled enthusiastic support that Rick Santorum enjoys.”

Faith and Freedom Coalition founder Ralph Reed said in a The Washington Post op-ed that Romney's “immediate task is to consolidate conservative support and unify the party.”

“He must also avoid retreating from his defense of the unborn life, the institution of marriage and the right of religious organizations and charities to be free from the Obamacare mandate governing their health-care coverage.”

In a Human Events op-ed, Gary Bauer opined that Romney was “having trouble closing the deal with many conservative voters” then suggested he should “secure Rick Santorum's endorsement.”