Barney Frank has told New York Magazine that he's been frustrated with his job as a congressman for years and listed gay rights as an accomplishment.

Frank, one of only four openly gay House members, announced last year that he won't return to Washington next year.

Half of Republicans, Frank said, are Michele Bachmann.

“The other half are afraid of losing a primary to Michele Bachmann. So, no, there are maybe three Republicans I can work with, on a couple of issues, out of the thirtysomething on the committee.”

“Look, this job certainly didn't make any sense in terms of maximizing my income or minimizing my stress or maximizing the comfort of my life. I think it's a wonderful job to have because I'm able to work to make fundamental changes in society and improve the quality of people's lives and eliminate and diminish unfairness at various times. If I wasn't able to do what I thought was important public policy, it would be a stupid job to have.”

On legislation he's proud of, Frank said: “LGBT rights are very important. I will take very substantial credit for the repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.'”

And on his plans to marry boyfriend Jim Ready in July: “I want to get married. I do think, to be honest, if I was running for reelection, I might have tried to put the marriage off until after the election, because it just becomes a complication. But I did want to get married while I was still in office. I think it's important that my colleagues interact with a married gay man.”