Jonathan Lewis, son of former Progressive Insurance CEO Peter Lewis, is funding a new campaign targeting President Barack Obama to sign an executive order protecting LGBT workers.

Senior Obama administration officials on Wednesday said the order which would ban federal contractors from employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity was not forthcoming. The order had reportedly already been approved by the Departments of Labor and Justice.

Lewis, who is openly gay, told The Washington Post that he would spend $100,000 to fund a We Can't Wait campaign.

“This isn't a broken promise President Obama can blame on Congress,” Lewis said. “He has not been able to provide a single valid reason for why he is now refusing to sign the executive order protecting LGBT workers. It has become increasingly clear that this decision is based on cowardice rather than principled leadership.”

White House spokesperson Jay Carney insisted on Thursday the president does support such protections but would prefer to see Congress approve the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) sponsored by Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank and Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley.

“The president is committed to securing equal rights for LGBT Americans, and that is why he has long supported ENDA,” Carney said. “The approach we're taking at this time is try to build support for passage of this legislation, a comprehensive approach, to legislate on the issue of non-discrimination.”

ENDA, however, has little chance of passage in the Republican-controlled House.