Singer Macy Gray jokes everyone has been “gay on occasion.”

Last month, the 44-year-old Gray released her sixth studio album, Covered. Its first single is a cover of the Eurythmics classic Here Comes The Rain Again.

“Of course I'm a fan of all these songs,” Gray told gay glossy The Advocate.

Gray, who appears in out director Lee Daniels' upcoming film The Paperboy, said she became intoxicated with the film's star, Nicole Kidman.

“I just remember I couldn't keep my eyes off Nicole Kidman,” she said. “I was just star-struck, and I haven't been star-struck in a long time. I think I freaked her out.”

And on working with Daniels: “He's different. He's loud. He wants to get exactly what he wants. He's really an extraordinary guy and a very interesting guy. He's probably one of the most open people I've met. He's not afraid to talk about anything.”

Gray added that she has “a lot of gay people in life” and it never occurred to her not to support gay rights.

“It's a very powerful community in music. And, we've all been gay on occasion, you know?” Gray said with a laugh.