Radio host Stephanie Miller has said her appeal to men has increased since coming out gay.

The 50-year-old Miller, whose radio program, The Stephanie Miller Show, can now be seen on Current TV, came out gay nearly 2 years ago.

On coming out, Miller told lesbian entertainment website that Chely Wright had inspired her.

“I remember one of the things that affected me was seeing Chely Wright, who is my good friend now, on Ellen,” she said. “And I remember almost crying, because she touched me so much. I thought, 'That takes bravery.' Not like a liberal radio host – everyone thinks we're French and gay anyway. But to be a country singer and come out was obviously a big thing. It was very powerful. It was very powerful for her to say, 'I'm a Christian, and I'm gay, and I'm a country singer.' And she was certainly one of the people that — my listeners call her The Gay Whisperer. She was the one that shot down all my arguments: 'Yeah, yeah, I get that argument. Yeah, I thought that too.'”

Miller added that she has a loyal male following, which she joked could be because she's gay.

“I loved it when someone said to me, 'Stephanie, what exactly did you think was going to turn men off about this?' Because a lot of people told me, 'Your ratings have only gone up.' because, you know, you say 'gay,' they hear 'three-way,'” she said with a laugh.