A Roman Catholic fund will no longer fund a Colorado non-profit that serves immigrants because of its ties to a gay rights group.

Companeros helps poor Hispanic immigrants with basic needs such as access to health care. The group was informed in February that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' arm devoted to ending poverty, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, was considering ending its financial backing of the group.

At issue was the group's membership in an immigrant rights coalition which has ties to gay rights advocate One Colorado.

“I was shocked that our money was all of a sudden in jeopardy, and confused about why,” Nicole Mosher, executive director of Companeros, told The New York Times. “We have no reason to believe that we are in any way going against Catholic teachings. If they are willing to defund our program based on an affiliation, it sends a clear message of divisiveness.”

Ralph McCloud, who helms the Catholic Campaign, said the fund “can't in any way have groups who are collaborating with other groups whose main focus is objectionable or contrary to Catholic teachings.”

One Colorado is the main group working toward passage of legislation recognizing gay and lesbian couples with civil unions in Colorado.

Despite the threat of losing about half its annual budget, the board of Companeros recently voted to remain a member of the immigrant coalition.