Lesbian chef Mirella Salemi has been awarded $1.6 million over restauranteur Edward Globokar's prayers for her healing, The New York Post reported.

“Holy guacamole!” the Post wrote of the settlement.

Globokar, the former owner of the Mexican restaurant chain Mary Ann's and Salemi's former boss, held employee prayer meetings inside the West Broadway eatery where Salemi worked asking God to heal the workers in the restaurant who were gay.

“He not only threatened her soul, but he also threatened her livelihood,” said lawyer Derek Smith. “He thought praying might cure her of her sexuality, but she is someone who didn't need to be saved.”

Salemi left the TriBeCa restaurant in 2007 after six years of employment.

Jurors awarded Salemi $1.2 million in punitive damages and $400,00 in compensatory damages.

Employees who did not share Globokar's religious beliefs were reportedly told that they were looking at eternal damnation unless they repented.

Ironically, the eatery's first outlet opened in 1986 in New York's Chelsea neighborhood, which, at the time, was the city's up and coming “gayborhood,” Edge on the Net reported. The chain eventually expanded to six locations, all of which were once owned by Globokar.