In an ABC What Would You Do? segment to be broadcast Friday, strangers step up to defend the children of gay parents.

In the scenario staged by ABC producers, child actors play the roles of the children of gay parents and the bullies.

The bullies openly berate the two children while their fathers step away to do a little shopping.

“Are you going to turn out gay, too? Just like them,” the bullies taunt.

“Guys, stop,” a girl pleads.

“We'll stop when your parents stop being gay,” the harasser responds.

In a preview clip of the upcoming segment, a woman is seen stepping up to defend the children.

“You think you're cool? Your making fun of them because their parents are gay. Seriously? In front of the whole restaurant here,” she scolds the boys.

“So, you think it's cool that they have two dads?”

“Who cares? It's two people that love them. With all the little kids out in the world that don't have parents, you're gonna make fun of them because two people love them?”

Another stranger has a more visceral reaction. He pounces on the bullies screaming, “Get out!” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)