Starbucks has said a boycott over its support for gay marriage has had no impact on its business.

“We're not seeing any impact,” Starbucks spokesman Zack Hutson told Seattle alternative The Stranger.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the nation's most vociferous opponent of gay marriage, launched its “Dump Starbucks” boycott after Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz defended the company's decision to back Washington state's recently-approved gay marriage law.

An online petition by the group thanking Starbucks for its support has outpaced boycott pledges.

As of Thursday morning, supporters were outpacing opponents 12 to 1, with more than 295,000 people signing a thank you card and just under 23,700 pledging to avoid Starbucks shops and its retail products.

Josh Friedes a spokesman for Equal Rights Washington, which is working against an effort to repeal the law in November, said NOM's boycott was helping bring together supporters.

“There has been an incredible Facebook campaign of photos of people drinking coffee at Starbucks. In some ways, NOM did our work for us. They are highlighting the fact that major corporations based in Washington state are supporting marriage equality and that an out-of-state, anti-gay organization is spearheading the movement to derail it.”

“NOM for years has been so feared for having been strategic,” he added. “Now for the first time, they appear to be flailing because the proposed boycott of Starbucks was incredibly poorly conceived.”

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