Wisconsin Rep. Tammy Baldwin has praised President Barack Obama's record on gay rights.

If Baldwin, 50, wins her U.S. Senate race against Republican front-runner Tommy Thompson, the former governor of Wisconsin, she would become the nation's first openly gay senator.

Speaking Saturday at the Dallas-Fort Worth Federal Club's Spring 2012 Luncheon, Baldwin praised the president's record on gay rights, saying he had done more to advance the movement than any other president in history, gay weekly the Dallas Voice reported.

But she added that the fight for equal rights continues.

“We celebrate the increasing number of same-sex marriages, but we continue to fight a well-organized and well-financed opposition to equal marriage rights,” Baldwin told attendees. “We celebrate every gay-straight alliance [student club] and anti-bullying campaign in our schools, but we continue to fight tragic cruelty that occurs to our children. We are on the right path, but clearly we have far still to go.”

Baldwin added her voice to the growing chorus of Democratic lawmakers voicing support for adding marriage equality to the Democratic Party's 2012 platform.

“I certainly hope we do that,” she told the paper. “I would say that I hope the platform in its entirety is very strong on LGBT equality.”

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