Mickey Rourke has not decided to drop out from playing rugby star Gareth Thomas in the upcoming film based on his coming out gay story.

On Sunday, UK tabloid The Sun reported that Thomas, who retired from rugby last year, said that producers are in talks with Tom Hardy (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Dark Knight Rises, RocknRolla) to fill the role after Rourke, 59, reportedly bowed out due to the rigorous training the part demanded.

“I was talking to Mickey yesterday and basically we're now talking to other big-name actors who could play the part instead,” Thomas reportedly told The Sun.

But on Monday, the same tabloid quoted Thomas as saying that Rourke is still very much a part of the production.

“I teamed up with Mickey because there's nobody better to take on such a challenging role and nothing has changed,” Thomas said.

Thomas was in his early 30's when he became one of only a handful of professional athletes to come out gay during their careers.