North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis has predicted passage of a gay marriage ban, but added that it most likely won't last, WRAL reported.

If approved during the state's May 8 primary, Amendment One would bar North Carolina from recognizing the relationships of gay and lesbian couples with marriage, civil unions and possibly domestic partnerships.

Speaking Monday at North Carolina State, Tillis predicted passage of the amendment with a 54 percent majority and repeal within 20 years.

Tillis, a leading proponent of the amendment, said he believes the next generation will repeal the amendment.

Jeremy Kennedy, campaign manager for Protect All NC Families, suggested in a statement that Tillis was having second thoughts.

“Thom Tillis' statement reveals not only the growing opposition to Amendment One, but also that even its primary proponent is now having second thoughts about the necessity and longevity of this constitutional rewrite,” he said. “Our question is then, 'Why would you strip kids of their health care, threaten domestic violence protections, and muddy parental rights to their children – all in a last ditch effort to codify a poorly written measure that future generations will be forced to clean up?'”

Chris Fitzsimon of N.C. Policy Watch also criticized Tillis' remarks: “Apparently the speaker believes it is OK to discriminate against people for the next 20 years or so until the people inevitably rise up to stop it.”