Gay couple Dennis Jay Mayer and John Robert Hart, who were arrested and jailed in the Caribbean this week, say they were humiliated by officials, they AP reported.

Mayer and Hart, who live in Palm Springs, California and have been together 17 years, were escorted off the gay cruise ship Celebrity Summit when it docked Wednesday morning at Dominica, which is among several Caribbean islands where gay sex is illegal.

Police said the men were arrested for having public sex on the ship. The men have denied the charges, but conceded that they were “partially clothed.”

“The total experience was horrendous,” Mayer, a 53-year-old retired deputy sheriff told the AP. “They told us that they did not like us, that they did not like gay people.”

After being ejected from the ship, police interrogated the men for four hours.

“He said: 'You're being arrested for being gay. We're arresting you for the crime of buggery,'” Mayer said. “He said that other people said that we were engaging in homosexual sex. He repeated that several times. I told him I didn't know why they would say that. I wasn't doing that.”

“The treatment was inhumane. We were detained for approximately 26 hours, and 19 of those locked in a cement cell, which had no running water, no toilet, no lights. It stunk of feces and urine. It was infested with cockroaches, ants and bugs.”

“They paraded many people by to look in on us as if we were some type of animal, which was quite humiliating,” he said. “People got great joy in the pleasure of taunting us.”

The men met with an angry mob on their way to the courthouse on Thursday.

“They were chanting and banging on the police vehicle. … Both my partner and I really feared for our safety.”

The men pleaded guilty to indecent exposure and were ordered to pay a nearly $900 fine by Chief Magistrate Evaline Baptiste, who called them “rogues and vagabonds.”