The chances that President Barack Obama will endorse gay marriage before the November election are increasing, an informed source has revealed to gay weekly The Washington Blade.

The president has said that he backs civil unions for gay and lesbian couples and that he is “evolving” on marriage.

According to the Blade's source, the White House and the Obama campaign are actively discussing the possibility of an endorsement. The odds of that happening, the source said, are 50-50. However, concerns persist on how such an announcement would be viewed in several must-win states.

“We're talking about the Michigans, the Ohios, the Illinois of this world; the real battleground states in which voters are already conflicted and may factor this into their judgment,” the source told the paper.

The source added that the administration is considering a major pro-gay initiative before the November election.

“My feeling is you'll get one, you won't get both before Election Day. There is a great timidity in terms of their dealing with the gays, rights? In many ways, they kind of consider our issues to be the third rail.”

Advocates interviewed for the story said an endorsement of marriage equality from the president would put an end to the claims of politicians who say they hold a similar view on gay unions as the president but support gay marriage bans.

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