Host Piers Morgan on Tuesday invited Kirk Cameron to a second interview after Cameron called him “disingenuous.”

During an appearance on Fox News' Fox and Friends to pitch his upcoming documentary film on America's moral downfall, Monumental: In Search of America's National Treasure, Cameron addressed the firestorm of controversy he created earlier this month when he appeared on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight and said that being gay is “unnatural” and “detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization” and that he would not be supportive if one of his six sons told him he was gay.

“I don't change my feelings about the comments,” he said.

“What disheartens me, to be honest with you, is that when you're sitting across the table from someone who knows what your perspective is on issues – and I've been very consistent, I don't think anything I said surprised anybody as a Bible-believing Christian – but to then take some answers, reduce an important and personal and sensitive issue to a four-second soundbite, and toss it into a community to start a political bonfire and really upset people that you're saying you're looking to protect, I think it's disingenuous,” he added. (Watch the exchange at

Morgan tweeted to his more than 2 million followers that he would let others decide if Cameron was “stitched up … or just a bigot.”

“Kirk Cameron is moaning everywhere today that I stitched him up by releasing a 4-second 'soundbite' re his comments on gay marriage …,” he messaged.

“Mr. Cameron 'stands by the comments', despite his whining. So I'll let others decide if he was stitched up … or just a bigot.”

“Re #KirkCameron, I respect his religious beliefs – just don't respect his use of bigoted, inflammatory language re homosexuality. End.”

“Kirk Cameron should come back on my show, live and uncensored, and we can debate this properly. Your call, Kirk. #CNN.”