George Clooney thinks Ellen DeGeneres and Neil Patrick Harris have opened doors for gay actors.

Clooney, who recently played co-counsel David Boies in the Los Angeles reading of the play 8, which is based on the trial over the constitutionality of California's gay marriage ban, Proposition 8, discussed the play and gay rights with gay glossy The Advocate.

He said the issue of gay couples marrying will one day “look as archaic as George Wallace standing on the University of Alabama steps keeping James Hood from attending college because he was black.”

And on breaking stereotypes in Hollywood, Clooney applauded DeGeneres, who married her wife in 2008, and Harris, who is raising 2 children with his partner.

“It's obviously not the same as if it were the '50s and '60s with Rock Hudson,” Clooney said. “Look at Neil Patrick Harris. He's a big star on a hit show, and no one's telling him he can't play a straight womanizer. I use Neil as an example because I've spent time with him and I like him a lot. People like Neil and Ellen DeGeneres have opened the door to making it easier for everyone, and now each person just has to figure out his or her own path. Maybe it's as simple as a gay actor going to work and getting the job done.”