Rick Santorum has confirmed that he's the man lounging shirtless in a photo taken in Puerto Rico.

The photograph first appeared on the gay blog Joe My God. Blogger Joe Jervis explained that the photo had been submitted by “James and Guy,” who snapped the photo from aboard “an Atlantis all-gay cruise.”

Santorum discussed the photo during a radio appearance on The Steve Cochran Show, which is recorded in the AM 560 WIND studios in Chicago.

“You know how you can tell you've made it to another level, Senator? There's a picture of you lounging, minding your own business, you're not hurting anybody, shirtless in Puerto Rico yesterday” Cochran said.

“They caught my sunbathing in Puerto Rico!” Santorum answered, explaining that he decided to take a break between campaign when “a paparazzi got me.”

Santorum apologized, saying he needed to lose 15-20 pounds “because I know it's not a pretty sight.” (Audio of the interview is embedded in the right panel. Visit our video library for more videos.)