Gay rights supporters plan to protest a Rick Santorum rally in Illinois on Friday night, the Daily Herald reported.

Santorum will address supporters at Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, outside Chicago. Last year, vandals attacked the school for hosting the Americans for Truth About Homosexuality's annual banquet honoring evangelist Scott Lively with the group's American Truth Teller Award.

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A group from Santorum's alma mater, Carmel Catholic Alumni Against Rick Santorum, will hold its protest outside the Christian school to raise awareness against Santorum's anti-gay rhetoric.

“Rick Santorum has really built a career on discriminating against the LGBT community. It's what he's built his name on. It's what he's placed all of his bets on. That's the thing that's really rallying alumni against him,” protest organizer Matt Muchowski told the paper. “We've been shocked and embarrassed by it.”

Al Salvi, honorary chair of Santorum's Illinois campaign, argued that more than 80 percent people agree with the candidate's views on gay rights.

“I'm willing to bet you eight out of ten people, or maybe even more, agree with Rick Santorum,” he said. “He does not believe in the radical gay agenda, which is trying to force things upon our citizens, including gay marriage. What they do in the privacy of their homes is their business. The issue is, should this small minority of people impose their views on the rest of society? When their views include throwing out the traditional understanding of marriage?”

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Santorum is expected to arrive at 7PM.