A Massachusetts high school student has been reprimanded for wearing a t-shirt which read “All the Cool Girls are Lesbians.”

According to The Item, the unnamed girl was told by a Lynn English High School official to cover up her shirt and not wear it to school again.

The incident set off a debate during a Lynn School Committee meeting held on Thursday.

Lynn Mayor and School Committee Chairwoman Judith Flanagan Kennedy introduced the issue, saying the student had notified her of the incident.

“I believe if the student wanted to make a big fuss she could,” Kennedy told panel members. “I did some legal research on this and I believe she is right. I don't believe the school had the authority to ask her to cover it up.”

Kennedy said the school's dress code does not specify gender issues.

In her letter to Kennedy, the student said Vice Principal Joseph O'Hagan told her the shirt was inappropriate because it is “political and offensive to some people.”

“Well, frankly I'm the one who feels offended,” the girl wrote. “The word lesbian is not inappropriate. Saying it is, is calling homosexuality inappropriate.”

Committee member Charlie Gallo agreed: “If the shirt said, 'All cool kids are Celtic fans, we wouldn't be here.”

However, several members on the panel called the t-shirt “disruptive.”