George Takei has said that he thinks Donald Trump's endorsement of gay marriage would be an asset to the fight.

Takei, who married his longtime partner Brad Altman in California before voters approved Proposition 8, appeared in the current season of Trump's The Celebrity Apprentice. He was fired by Trump after his team lost an early challenge.

During Trump's brief flirtation with a run at the White House as a Republican, he said he was opposed to marriage and civil unions for gay couples. Trump said he opposed gay nuptials because he doesn't “feel good about it.”

Last week, Trump agreed to discuss the issue over lunch with Takei.

Takei told that he extended the invitation because he sensed Trump is fair-minded.

“He's a very fair, fair-minded, decent man,” Takei said. “I am hopeful, and I'm an optimist, that being the decent man he is, he will see that. And he certainly has a sphere of influence. And he will help create that climate where we will become a better, truer democracy.”