Randy Roberts Potts, the grandson of televangelist Oral Roberts, has said he considered suicide before coming out gay.

Potts has previously said he was ostracized for divorcing his wife in 2006 and was denied a seat in the family's seating section at his grandparent's funerals.

During an appearance on cable OWN's The Rosie Show, Potts told host Rosie O'Donnell that he was depressed prior to his coming out.

“I didn't use the word gay for myself until I was 27,” Potts said. “I'd been suicidal for a few years. I wanted to die. I was conflicted day and night. And finally there was just this moment where … it's like it just came out … I'm gay, I said it out loud. And for a few days it was like the most amazing few days of my life. And then just the reality came crashing down on me. You know, I'm married. I have these kids. I love my wife. I love my kids. What does it mean? And then I went back into depression for a while.”

After the divorce, Potts said, he realized that he had done the right thing.

“It was immediately confirmed that it was the right thing. And I was able to be myself.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)