Singer Debbie Gibson has said she likes Ron Paul's take on gay marriage.

The 41-year-old Gibson appeared on HLN's Showbiz Tonight to discuss whether George Takei would convince Donald Trump to back marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

Gibson and Takei are competing in the current season of Trump's The Celebrity Apprentice. (Takei was recently fired off of the show.)

Last week, Takei, who married longtime partner Brad Altman in California in 2008 before Proposition 8 was approved, tweeted that Trump had accepted his offer to discus the issue over lunch.

“Donald Trump has accepted my lunch invitation to hear me out on same-sex marriage,” Takei messaged to his nearly 300,000 followers. “Hope I can change his mind!”

During Trump's brief flirtation with a run at the White House as a Republican, he said he was opposed to marriage and civil unions for gay couples. Trump said he opposed gay nuptials because he doesn't “feel good about it.”

When asked whether she thinks Trump's mind can be changed, Gibson answered, “I do.”

“And obviously I spend a lot of time with the gay community. And there are beautiful gay couples everywhere. And 'A' I think that, you know, like the Kirk Cameron comment; I think that he's obviously slightly ignorant and not aware. It's all about awareness.”

“I like Ron Paul's take on the whole thing, which is: It doesn't matter what your personal opinion is, I think government should be out of the business of marriage, anyway. People should be able to couple up however they want. And it's about the commitment they have to each other.”

“I do hope Mr. Trump changes his mind,” Gibson added. “I do find him to be an open minded guy.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

For the record, Paul supports giving states the right to decide the issue and is personally opposed to gay nuptials. He is opposed to the federal government defining marriage.