Surrogates of Rick Santorum are running robo-calls in Ohio accusing rival Mitt Romney of advancing gay marriage.

The calls began on Monday, a day before voters in Ohio and 9 other states head to the polls on Super Tuesday.

Featured in the ad is Brian Camenker, who heads the Massachusetts-based anti-gay group MassResistance.

“If you believe as we do that marriage and sexuality should only be between a man and a woman, please help us stop Mitt Romney.”

“As governor, Romney signed Gay Youth Pride Day proclamations, promoted homosexuality in our elementary schools, and unconstitutionally ordered state officials to make Massachusetts America's first same-sex marriage state. Romney supports open homosexuality in the military, the appointment of homosexual judges, and the ENDA law, making it illegal to fire a man who wears a dress and high heels to work, even if he's your kid's teacher. When you vote tomorrow, please vote for social sanity and Rick Santorum, not for homosexuality and Mitt Romney.”

“Rick Santorum is the only candidate who can be trusted to uphold traditional marriage, a straight military, and the rights of American children to have both a mother and a father.”

The calls are paid for by the conservative group Jews and Christians Together.

Romney “endorses homosexuality as a good choice for young people,” Dr. Gary Cass, president of and a member of Jews & Christians Together, said in a statement promoting the calls.

While Romney has said he does not support reinstatement of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell,” he only supports giving gay couples rudimentary protections – far from civil unions or marriage.