Tom Minnery of the Colorado-based Family Research Council (FRC) has said recognizing Colorado gay couples with civil unions would hurt kids.

Such a bill cleared a Colorado Senate panel last month after lawmakers heard hours of emotional testimony. But the bill's real challenge lays in the Republican-controlled House, where it died in committee last year.

In an op-ed published Wednesday by the Denver Post, Minnery argued that civil unions are unnecessary and risky.

The impact of such recognition “jeopardizes the rights of parents to have a say in what's taught to their children in school – even as young as kindergarten – about sexuality and marriage,” Minnery wrote.

“It endangers business owners who are sued for not photographing or renting facilities for same-sex ceremonies. Mostly, it impacts children who deserve every chance to be raised in a home with their own married mom and dad rather than the intentionally motherless or fatherless home created by same-sex unions.”

“[I]f we say that marriage no longer means one mom and one dad, then we have denied children at least a chance to live in that special environment that gives them the best opportunity for success in life,” he added.

Writing at, Carlos Maza noted that Colorado law currently requires parental consent for school programs on sexuality, prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and allows for second parent adoption for gay couples.