Bishop Harry Jackson has suggested that Maryland's gay marriage law will turn young children gay.

Governor Martin O'Malley is expected on Thursday to sign a gay marriage bill approved by lawmakers into law, making Maryland the eighth state to legalize such unions.

Jackson, a minister at the Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Maryland, came to prominence fighting against the District of Columbia's gay marriage law and last year's effort to pass a similar law in Maryland.

Opponents of the law, including the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the Maryland Catholic Conference and the Maryland Family Alliance, have formed the Maryland Marriage Alliance, which is organizing to put the law up for a popular vote in the fall.

Speaking to the Christian Post, Jackson, who is leading fundraising efforts for the new coalition, said he objected to the law because it hurts children.

“It is an oxy-moron,” Jackson said. “Two people of the same sex who marry and try to indoctrinate children into that lifestyle does nothing to strengthen marriage or families.”

“If you change the definition of marriage, you change the definition of family, then you change what is taught in schools – that it's okay for Heather to have two mommies – and exploring your 'sexual awareness' as a young child is acceptable; and it's not.”

In the District of Columbia, where gay nuptials are legal, “It's encouraged in public schools to teach children – young children – to explore and examine the differences in heterosexuality, homosexuality and transgender lifestyles. Now you and I both know that children should not be encouraged to examine these types of issues, especially in public schools. To say that it's okay for Heather to have two mommies is not biblical,” Jackson stated without offering evidence supporting his claims.

Jackson also predicted the law would be repealed.

“I feel our opponents have become so aggressive on this issue, that they are overplaying their hands and only harming our culture. Yes, they may win a battle or two here and there but our side will prevail in the long run.”