Paul Babeu has said he believes presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is an ally to the gay community.

Romney, who on Tuesday won primaries in Michigan and Arizona, is opposed to gay marriage, saying it hurts children.

“Marriage is primarily not about adults, but about kids,” Romney told CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer in 2006. “A child and their development and nurturing is enhanced by access and by the nurturing of two parents of two different genders.”

Speaking to gay weekly The Washington Blade, Babeu, the 43-year-old conservative sheriff of Pinal County, discussed his congressional bid and support for Romney.

Babeu, who acknowledged earlier this month that he's gay in the course of denying charges that he threatened to have his former partner deported, said he would back gay rights measures, including repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), if elected to Congress.

He went on to contrast Romney and President Barack Obama, saying neither is perfect on gay rights.

“For all these leaders, we literally have to demand and advocate for issues, and I believe that effort is growing, and it's becoming a groundswell nationally. We have to create an environment in which either President Obama or Mitt Romney makes a decision that is right and consistent with the Constitution,” Babeu said.