About 100 people gathered on Saturday at a Baptist church to oppose a proposed constitutional amendment which would ban gay marriage in North Carolina, the Associated Baptist Press reported.

The rally, titled NC Baptists Against Amendment One: Justice, Equality and Personal Freedom and held at Myers Baptist Church in Charlotte, is the first of three events planned to defeat Amendment One on May 8.

“The classic argument for support of Amendment One is that it will strengthen traditional marriages,” said Ricky Woods, senior minister at Charlotte's First Baptist Church-West. “The greatest threat to traditional marriage is divorce, and the reasons for divorce most often have to do with infidelity and financial problems. So let's outlaw unemployment and infidelity.”

If approved, the amendment would bar North Carolina from recognizing the relationships of gay and lesbian couples with marriage, civil unions and possibly domestic partnerships.

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The rally was the first of three events planned by the Many Voices, One Love campaign sponsored by several progressive Baptist groups, Protect NC Families, the coalition working against passage of the amendment, and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest gay rights advocate.