Baltimore Fox affiliate WBFF-45 is promoting on its website a referendum to repeal gay marriage in Maryland before Governor Martin O'Malley has signed the legislation into law, gay weekly The Washington Blade reported.

A link to the referendum is boldly highlighted on the front page of the station's website. Users clicking on the link are taken to, where they can pledge to support the upcoming petition.

On Thursday, the Maryland Senate followed the House of Delegates in approving the gay marriage bill. O'Malley is expected to sign the bill into law sometime this week.

Opponents of the measure have vowed to put the issue before voters in the fall. To put the measure on the ballot, opponents need nearly 56,000 valid signatures, one-third of which would need to be submitted by May 3, with the remainder by June 30.

“So much for 'fair and balanced,'” wrote Kevin Naff, editor for The Washington Blade.

Naff quotes a WBFF-45 employee as saying that the link was added at the request of “corporate.”